Ages 6+

To dance jazz properly, technique training is emphasized to reveal a well-defined body-line and control, enabling each dancer to be expressive in a variety of ways. Our jazz classes are designed to establish a strong technical jazz foundation while incorporating elements of street jazz, contemporary, Broadway and ballet in order to create strong multi-disciplined performers. Training involves a strong focus on the proper placement of anatomy and understanding of each dancer’s facility. 

Ages 10+

Contemporary Dance is informed by and associated with many dance techniques including classical ballet, modern and jazz.  Contemporary incorporates the controlled legwork of ballet, with the freedom of the torso of modern and the improvisation, fall and recovery of jazz.  The composition work in the class deals with the implications of movement design on the body within the stage space, learning how to build a movement phrase, using words with movements and other expressions.

Tap & Theater Dance
Ages (Adv. Tap) 10+(Theatre Dance)

Tap and Theatre Dance classes are a great way to find joy in dancing.  A fabulous way to work on rhythm and make friends while exercising your body, brain and your smile. These classes are a perfect entry into the dance world.  

Ballet Technique for Teens
Ages 10+

For the Jazz dancer without ballet training,  Ballet Technique is a class that helps provide the training that can allow a student to move up into intermediate and advanced levels. All dance styles have ballet technique at their core and this class can help students with basics necessary for leaps, turns, body awareness and the language of dance. This class is also recommended for the recreational dancer wishing to take one class per week. 


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